Automated Generation of GST E-Waybill

GST E-Waybill has been introduced by Govt of India starting Feb 2018 as a single unified document for goods movement all over the country. Though a welcome step, it does bring a load of compliance head ache for businesses that are already starved of skilled manpower for such data intensive work.

365 E-Waybill management system (EMS) helps you by completely automating your E-Waybill generation needs - be it a small business with day end truck dispatches or large multinationals with round the clock goods movement. We help make transport compliance 100% efficient and easy for your business.

SME Businesses (Generate upto 200 E-Waybills per day)

365 EMS provides a simple web interface to upload your data in an excel template and generate Part A/B in one click. We will help you configure your ERP to generate invoice data in the required excel template format. 365 EMS can generate up to 200 E-Waybills in a span of 2 minutes! This method can be useful for businesses that generate E-Waybills in a batched fashion at different points of time in a day. Read more...

Large Businesses (Generate more than 200 E-Waybills per day)

365 EMS provides API that can be integrated directly with your ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics etc. We provide REST/SOAP APIs for all possible scenarios – Part A/B, consolidated E-Waybills, cancellation, rejection, GSTIN check, E-Waybill validity check and extension etc. This is a boon for businesses that have continuous dispatches which demand real-time E-Waybill generation with your invoice. Additional SMS & E-mail based reporting options are also available to cut down on printing. Read more..

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The Architecture Diagram for a standard workflow will be as follows

EWaybill API Architecture